wow. looking at that gifset, i'm starting to think that holland wants to leave teen wolf as well. i'm not even watching season 4 but it seems like there's a good chance it'll be her last...

I dont even care tbh lol she was defending crystal that’s all that matters

btw for the next week i would appreciate if you guys tagged me in your crystal edits !!!! 

Do you have the video link? Can you post it please?? xx

posted :)

Someone gif the new holland interview where she talks A LOT about crystal like pLease

SO HI LOVES I WON’T BE HERE UNTIL THE 26th so…. Don’t unfollow me I’ll be back :)

i'm waiting your gifset :(

kslskdjklsfjdo really i gave up on itttttttt :(

I'd recommend Wild Child :) It's my guilty pleasure chic flick!

oh thankyouu but same i’ve watched it like 20 times omfg

someone tell me a chick flick to watch please!!!