So, I’m finally meeting Crystal Reed in december and I would love to give her a gift since she loves receiving gifts from fans. I want to make a book with texts, letters, photos, fan arts, collages or anything you want showing your love for her. Just send me your stuff to with your name and twitter/tumblr url. It can be literally anything you want, about Allison, any of her characters and I will put that in the book. :) 

The deadline is december 5th, but the faster you send me the better because the order of the pages is gonna be who sends it first. My twitter is @crystalmreedie if you have any question!

Guys help. I want to make an arrow tattoo but where? A small one

Crystal Reed spotted at the airport - 09.16.14

I am but it’s a possibility jskskdkdjr now I want him do bad omfg

Ok but now Tyler Hoechlin may come too. I can’t. Meeting Crystal holland and hoechlin I cannnnnnnnt

“If I have a meeting or an audition the next day I won’t drink or go out. I’m probably not sounding too cool, but I want to make sure that I’m completely prepared. I’m really hard on myself, so if I ever go to an audition and I’m not completely prepared and I know it’s my own fault, I’ll beat myself up for the rest of the week.”